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Field Notes Volume 1: Beach Volleyball insights that are easily accessible and instantly applicable for players of any skill level.


“I love what you are doing on and off the court in the beach volleyball community. Your approach of sharing beach volleyball knowledge, creating a community of growth mindset, and supporting a platform for people to improve their own game every day is a great way to grow the sport. You are giving people the tools to succeed. This is huge. Please keep at it.” Joe Benyi

“I read the book over the weekend. I loved it. Gave me a lot of good detail about exactly what to work on and where to be/move etc. I really liked seeing the stat breakdowns from Trinsey on passing location/sideout accuracy and the diagram on kill success based on set location. I play A level and coach beach juniors so I have been looking forward to this to both improve my game and make my girls better.”   Derek Baxter

“Reading the notes was, first off, just satisfying. When I started playing beach seriously 4 years ago I remember searching online and in libraries for a beach volleyball theory book/ guide and being upset that there was nothing. I was surprised not a single coach had written something at all. So thanks for just getting the ball rolling.” Joel Hannan

“There is lot of valuable information available in Max Potential Field Notes Volume 1, I especially found the statistical trends and insights derived from it very useful. It is helpful to know the high percentage areas – good serve area, pass location, success rate for hit/shot past the block and ideal distance for a set from the net. I have better picture as to what I should be aiming for in the game and training. Looking forward to put it into practice!”


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